The following businesses are ones that we support and recommend. Please speak to any member of our staff if you have questions about how acupuncture, exercise, massage therapy, naturopathy, or physical therapy can contribute to overall wellness.


Calm Spirit Wellness - James Darling

Barbara Beale

Susan McCarthy

Diane Wintzer

Stephanie Meinhold

Atlas Orthogonal

Dr. Sweat

Exercise Studios

Star Cycle

Barre 3

Bikram Hot Yoga


Clearview MRI

Siker Imaging

Massage Therapy

Body Connection - Rien & Jessica Purvis

Flutura Center For Healing - Teri Anderson

Rolfing Massage
Brian Soderholm


Natural Family Medicine - Dr. Lori Brown

Physical Therapy

Peak Motion

Peggy Payne - Physical Therapy/Craniosacral Therapy
(360) 702-6494

Pro Active

Therapeutic Associates

Rejuvenance Therapy - Sarah Dible