Our multidisciplinary clinic integrates the best of Atlas Orthogonal procedures, Pilates/yoga based rehab, physical therapy, nutrition, and massage to achieve real and lasting solutions to pain.

Our Typical Patients

Our doctors have seen and treated thousands of head and neck pain patients and significantly help over 80 percent.

Headache Patient: Has a history of mild to severe headaches that have not responded in any lasting way to other forms of treatment. Most of these patients have tried some form of alternative treatment (chiropractic, naturopath, massage, etc.) but continue to have problems that significantly effect their lives. Many survive on medication that has potentially dangerous side effects on the liver and kidneys. These patients often do not realize the impact that their pain has on family and work.

Neck Pain Patient: Has a history of neck pain caused by some form or trauma, or by a long series or microtrauma (sitting at a desk, computer work, dental hygienist work, etc.) These patients constantly feel a need to rub their necks, or may even pop or snap their necks to try and find relief. Neck pain typically effects sleep and mood.

Whiplash/Job Injury Patient: Has a history of a recent or long-ago neck/upper back injury that has not resolved on its own or with treatment. The Journal of Whiplash and Related Disorders recently reported that 84% of these patients see complete or near complete resolution of pain after undergoing Atlas Orthogonal Treatment.

Mid & Low Back Patient:
Has a history of trying other forms of treatment with no lasting results. A combination of Activator and Atlas Orthogonal adjustments will be utilized along with myofascial therapy.

Typical Treatment Plan

Treatment plans vary widely based upon the severity of the spinal complaints.  A comprehensive exam will be performed the first day. This exam allows our doctors to create an individualized plan.  Plans typically consist of specific chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, nutrition advice and rehabilitative exercise.  The patient is reevaluated every 30 days to determine if treatment is effective and corrective.  The ultimate goal for all patients is to create lasting stability with active home management/exercise that prevents the need for frequent lifelong care.  



Scheduling an Appointment

For our chiropractic patients, we can only schedule appointments over the phone. Call us at (360) 718-7944 for availability.